Works In Progress

Grey Darkness–

Once Rick’s true identity had been exposed, he tried to do away with Sarah too.  She survived his brutal assault but is still fighting for her life.  IF she survives this would-be-grave, what horrors are still waiting for her?

— A novel in progress about deceit, murder and the unknown monsters that are sometimes right beside us.   




Fields of Despair– 

Sue couldn’t believe her life had sunk this low.  Her 4 children were sleeping on make shift bedrolls on the hard wooden floor of this Picker’s Shack.  There was no electricity, running water, or toilet.

There seemed to be no other choice.  It was either this or let them go hungry.

This is a novel in progress about a family in 1960’s America what worked as Migrant Workers in the fields, harvest crops for farmers.  It is a story of fiction based on fact.  It is about one woman, the hardships she endured and sacrifices she made for her family.